drinking Intra* once a day – can it really do something?

February 23, 2007

Drinking Intra®  every Day—does it help?

my name is Ran  , I am 32 years Old, sporty (mainly jogging) , Married (yes you lovely girls out there… sorry…. but I do have some great friends), generraly in good health Male and I was introduced to the Intra® drink (manufactured by LifeStyles® from Canada) a week ago by a friend. being the skeptic that I am I decided to give it a try , and in order to make things more interesting I decided to write a blog and try two new things at once, worst case it is all natural food…It’s a kind of Web based “size me up!” , but on a food supplement (health food).  

My Wife (30) and my self are going to be a human test field for the Intra® drink (the Organic drink), we decided we will try it for half a year , taking the daily dose and try to avoid other health food supplements that we sometime use, I will describe our progress, feelings, health status during this time and we will see if it really is as good as they say.We heard of allot of  people that the Intra® drink changed their life, we want to collect these stories from world wide and publish them on our site.

If Intra® helped you in the past or did not , we are interested to know, please send us your story to intralife.ran@gmail.com .each week I will report our health status and publish a few stories that I find interesting.