week1 – were Off….


25th Feb 2007 – it is 22:00 in the evening , we just toasted our first 30ml drinks , it tastes like some fruit juice with a twist ….

we will keep on doing it for the next half a year and report every week or every change we experience.

26th Feb 2007 – second day , no changes …


28th Feb 2007 – still drinking…

1st March 2007— and drinking… just today I heard from a friend that her grandmother drinks the stuff for a few month and feeling good , I still do not see any change…


3rd March 2007— no news today , I think I will make it a weekly report … since it usually takes time…

5th March 2007—nothing to report but the fact that I feel very vigilant lately , I study in to the late night hours (2am) with good focus nearly every day. I don’t know if it is because I drink the Intra® or the study material is so interesting…

9th March 2007—due to some LifeStyles regulations I cannot be a distributor and write a blog at the same time , so I will not be a distributor anymore , except that , no news…

15th March 2007 -no change yet , but I am going on vacation so I guess I will see you all in 5 days…



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