what is Intra? is it Natural ? Organic?


Intra®  is produced in Canada in accordance with a bunch of standards of various kinds (I checked it is eatable…), it is all Organic stuff that you can find in every “Nature” store (see list).

inside Intra®  you will find (according to LifeStyles™ data):

Alfalfa | Aloe | Astralagus Root | Bee Pollen | Capsicum Fruit | Cascara Bark | Celery Seed | Chicory | Chinese Pearl Barley | Dandelion | Fenugreek | German Chamomile |  Ginger Root | Juniper Berry | Licorice Root | Passion Flower | Pipsissewa | Reishi Mushroom | Rose Hips | Sarsaparilla | Schisandra Berry | Siberian Ginseng | Thymeso

basically it is a helath food supplement that you take daily (drink it…) and it is all created of roots and natural ingredients which should basically have in it all the things modern food does not have (this is probably the difference between food and nutrients….), the way we see it , we have nothing to lose , worst case we drank some relatively expensive nice tasting juice (I forgot to say – it tastes quite good).

if you really feel you want to know more about it here is the official web site:http://www.lifestyles.net/ 


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