about Multi Level Marketing

  the web idea of affiliation , isn’t it the web way of doing Multi level marketing ?

I liked your site , you recommended on another one , I see it , you get a small amount from the site owner…

what is the difference between that and Multi Level  Marketing, in this case I think it is even worst , I have my good name to protect , all my friends know about the blog , the experiment and they visit here from time to time.

I am one of the most skeptic people I ever known (when I was asked what is it good for ? I answered for the people who sell it….), but still it is an interesting experiment that I want to do, it also make me think of all the possibilities that now days people have when they decide to buy something .

 there are huge amounts of data about everything. how do you (me) know that we are not miss-lead ?

I hope that people that read my blog will come to trust what I am writing , I don’t know if this stuff is any good but I am going to try it and will report any way , good or bad. 

A friend of mine told me that I am actually doing a “size me up” Web site for this drink, well I hope it won’t end up the same way.. 


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